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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Natural Products For The Skin

Many individuals now take a great care for their beauty and skin. This movement continues to grow stronger day by day. There are many cosmetic companies that are entering the industry and is trying to offer a diverse product that the competitors that will target certain areas of the body. There are many types of natural ingredients that can be incorporated into these beauty products that are very good for your skin. As there are many chemicals that can harm your skin, many individuals now opt for beauty products that contain natural ingredients or purely organic.

Just like a coin having two sides, using natural skin care products has both its advantages and disadvantages and this guide will outline a few of both.


Natural perfumes– If you want a product that does not have a fragrance that is delivered by chemicals, then you will able to find the naturally perfumed products that contain natural scents of essential oils such as Josh Rosebrook skin care products. There are difference oils such rose essential which helps rejuvenate and lavender oil which helps one calm down.

Nutrients – Natural ingredients containing products contains nutrients as the ingredients are plants. Argan oil is extracts from a Moroccan fruit which contains is ideal to soothe and smooth skin and hair respectively as it contains Vitamin E. products with plant extracts are ideal for those with skin issues. Olive oil is good to kill bacteria due to its antibacterial properties which will help clear acne on your skin.

Beneficial for the environment – As much as it is good for the human body, it is also good for the environment. These products do not have chemicals which will be washed away when taking a shower and enter water bodies which have wild life living in. These wild lives will die.

Bio-gradable packaging – Most natural products only have simple packaging which is mostly biodegradable. This will therefore not pollute the land.


Sometimes even though the product is natural, this does not mean that it is purely organic. Natural products are those products that do not have any chemical or artificial ingredients in it. Organic products are products that have gone through a process to ensure that it is pure. However organic products are only 95% pure.

Some natural fragranced products contain a chemical called phthalate which will cause health and allergy issues. You will need to avoid any product that mention parfum or fragrance to be on the safe side.

Some natural products might have unsafe reactions to your body which will cause complications to your health. Ensure that what you use for your body and face is filled with natural ingredients that will not cause you any harm.

Ensure that you do your research about the products that you purchase before using them and test for allergic reactions.