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How to Change Your Look?


Sometimes, we all need to stray a little from the norm and here are a few tips that will help you do exactly that. The main reason you must be thinking of switching up your look is probably because you too have felt that you needed to spice things up and shake it up a little.

Anything from hair stylist courses in Melbourne to makeup videos on YouTube will help you achieve the change you’re looking for.

Most of the hair stylist courses in Melbourne or make up workshops will not cost you a lot of money so it is something definitely worth trying.

The wonders of makeup

If you’re a regular makeup wearer or even if you are not, there are many ways that you could use makeup to change up your look.

If you’ve never worn makeup before then I suggest you buy a bunch of products after some careful consideration and testing. The next step then would be to start experimenting, you can get help from people you know or you can look up makeup videos on the internet where they provide you with step by step instructions to a complete make up look. The first and basic things when it comes to make up is foundation and concealer, they cover up all acne scars and pimples on your face. If you do not have much to cover up on your face then ditch the concealer and go for a little bit more natural and fresh look. The other essential elements in completing your make up look are eye makeup, blush and lip color. Eye makeup can really change up ones look because the application of eyeliner and mascara will brighten and widen up your eyes to give you a youthful look and even the use of blush and a nice lip color will help you change your appearance. Get to know how you can achieve a good look through hairstyling, feel free to check this out

If you’re a regular makeup wearer, you could try different makeup looks with different colors of eyeliner and eye shadow and such.

Spruce up your style

The key to picking an outfit that will help you stand out is to consider your body shape when buying clothes because all clothes do not look flattering on different body types. If you’re supermodel thin then you can most likely pull off tighter clothes and not look like a coca cola bottle. If you’re on the curvier side, blacks and darker colors will be your best friend and also never ever make the mistake f wearing horizontal stripes as they will give an illusion of a wider body so replace your horizontal stripes with vertical stripes.

But no matter, you’re your toughest critique so you would know what you look good in and what you don’t look good in and also don’t be afraid to throw in a few summery bright colored tops instead of always wearing darker colors.