Special Occasions To ‘glam’ Up For

Everyone would prefer to look good all the time, although that’s not practically applicable to our daily lives. Even more so when you’re out in public but getting dressed for every occasion can be a perplexing task, especially for the ladies since a lot of effort is needed to be at your best. Making up your mind about the right hairstyles, outfits, matching accessories and complementing make up can be quite stressful. However, some events are worth all the time and effort it takes to look good. Here are some special occasions that are worth dressing up for.

Professional Photoshoot

Pictures capture your true essence and serve as a reminder for years to come so this is definitely an occasion in which you want to be at your best. You might find yourself in this kind of situation for a lot of different reasons such as professional photoshoots or even for a personal home event. This includes family gatherings, business gatherings, new born baby photoshoots and holiday greeting cards among other things. Hiring a professional stylist to do your hair and make up for this kind of occasion is definitely a good idea.


A wedding is obviously a very special occasion in a person’s life. Dressing up is a no brainer for this type of event as it’s an intimate occasion limited to only the family and closest friends. You would want to look beautiful for all the memorable moments and be captured at your best by the photographers. If you are the bride, you would need to hire a bridal hair stylist Gold Coast to bring out the best in you, so you can look beautiful on your special day.

Even though weddings are a joyous celebration of love between couples, the guests are also active participants who celebrate and cheer their loved ones while they join hands in matrimony. So even if you are a guest, it’s still an important occasion for you to dress up so a visit to a trusted wedding hairdresser should be on your agenda when you have an upcoming wedding to attend.


Birthday are special because everyone gets together to celebrate a special occasion: the anniversary of your birth. It’s a joyous occasion where friends and family gather and celebrate you. It’s where some of the best memories are created and it’s always a good idea to look great on that day since there will be lots of photographs taken to be cherished over the years.These are just some of the occasions that you should consider putting in the time and effort to dress up as they are special events in any person’s life.

Ways To Spend Your Weekend

It is no surprise that you eagerly wait for the weekend to simply get away from work or college. Your weekend is essential to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body; however you bring the entire work home and hardly have any free time for yourself. Most people feel that free time is a waste of time and that can be used for more work, however it doesn’t always have to be a waste. You can be productive during your weekends too so here are some exciting things you can try out.

  • Pursue a passionYou might be a boring accountant by day but by the weekend, you could be a rock star. It is vital that you find something you love and engage in it at least for 30 minutes a day. If you don’t have such time, do it during the weekend. You can choose anything you like such as ballet, playing an instrument, travelling, cycling, skiing etc. You might not exactly have anything in mind at a time so do not be afraid to try new things. You might discover new talents and skills in you that nobody knew you had. Also, it is never too late to start a passion. You might feel like you will be horrible at drawing but do not hesitate to join an art class. It will help you learn everything step by step and finally the mental satisfaction you get will be indescribable.
    • Treat yourself at homeSpending a blissful day at home can be rejuvenating like no other. Staying home doesn’t mean you’ll never leave the bed. You should give yourself a spa like treatment so that your skin and mind both feel fresh on Monday morning. You can buy scented candles online Australia to create such an ambience. Put on some light music, get in a hot tub and relax. It will calm you down so that you can think straight no matter what problem you have.
      • Go shoppingOf course shopping is the time you have fun. You can either take a few friends or go alone on a crazy shopping spree. Nobody will judge you on what you bought, be it a new dress, jewellery, beauty oil for face or chocolates. Just have fun.
        • VolunteerMake yourself useful as a responsible citizen. Surf the internet or ask around for any local charity events that are happening, especially churches should know of such events. You can join some of the charity organizations so that each time they hold an event, you can participate. These events can vary from day fairs, health camps, book sales, city clean-ups etc. The greatest gift you can give is yourself so offer your time to do something good to society.beauty-oil

Improving The Look Of Your Locks

Our locks add a lot of beauty to our whole appearance. They complete the look we have. This is why whenever we do something not suitable to us to our locks our whole image is ruined. That is why we should always pay a lot of attention to our locks. We should also think a lot about what we are planning on doing to our precious locks.

No matter how good your locks are there is always a way to improve their look. If you have strong, thick locks you are very fortunate. However, you will not be able to show the beauty of those locks to others without getting the perfect cut for them at a good hair salon in Elwood. All in all, there are a couple of steps one can take to improve the look of one’s locks.

Cutting the Locks to Suit Your Appearance

The first step anyone can take to improve the look of their locks is cutting the locks in a way that suits one’s appearance. Let us say your face is one which looks the most beautiful when you have long locks. If that is the case you should never go for short cuts of locks. You can still make long locks beautiful by cutting layers. There are so many beautiful cuts one can get for one’s locks if one goes to the perfect professional.


Highlighting one’s locks has always been a choice used by a lot of people to improve the look of their locks. There is nothing wrong with that as long the highlighting is done right. If you go to a good professional you will always get the chance to use a good highlighting technique such as balayage on your locks. That is the kind of technique you should use. You can always use a wide range of colours for this highlighting too. However, always choose a colour that goes with your skin colour. Not all colours go with every skin colour.

The Use of Additional Locks

While some of us can be happy about thick locks, some of us do not have thick locks to boast about. This can make our natural locks not very good looking even though we have long locks. At such a moment, we can use additional locks in between our natural locks. You should go the best professional there is to get such additional locks inserted in between your natural locks in the right manner.

If you want you can follow all of these steps to improve the look of your locks.

Essential Steps To Take In Enhancing Your Physical Appearance

One of the most key features that will decide on your self-esteem, the way that you feel about yourself, the impression that you gain and what not, is the physical appearance of a person. Surely, we all want to look good and beautify. However, there are certain biological and even environmental factors that would affect your physical appearance and take you far away from looking the way that you want to look. If you are having insecurities about the way that you look, there is no need to worry because there is always a solution. If there is anything about your physical appearance that needs to be enhanced by your physical appearance, the first thing that you have to do is to pay a visit to the best beauty salon Rockhampton. Here are some of the things that you need to know: 

Identify the Concerns that you have About Your Physical Appearance

There are different things that will affect your physical appearance. Whether it be your skin, your hair, your body, you name it, everything together will decide on the way that you look. The first thing that you have to do is to identify what is troubling you. Then, you can take the essential steps to provide the solutions to them.

Always Talk to the Professionals Before Taking Any Step Ahead

If there is anything about your physical appearance, as mentioned before, there is always a solution. Yes, there will be multiple treatments. Depending on the issue that you are going through, your budget, the kind of change that you are expecting to gain, etc. To choose the kind of treatment that is the best for any kind of a condition, you should always look into talking to and getting the advice of the best professionals in the field of beauty Rockhampton. These professionals will give you proper direction in getting the finest in what you are trying to achieve.

Do Your Research on the Chosen Treatments

You might have decided that one of the treatments are the best for you and to enhance your beauty in all the right ways together with the help of the professionals. After that, you have to make sure that you do your research on it. It is best that you look into the ways of preparing yourself for the treatments, the procedure, any steps that take to be taken after the treatments, any side effects and what not. Having done your research on the treatments will make it a lot easier for you to gain the treatments that you are getting.

Getting Rid Of Ageing Signs

Looks are very important to each and every individual. How one looks or appears is a matter of concern to all. Each one of us would like to look beautiful at all times. No one can deny this feeling as each one of us want to look as well as feel good. It is one of the most important priorities especially in a woman’s life. Youth and beauty go hand in hand. As one ages, ageing signs start appearing and showing on our body and face. These ageing signs are the most despised signs and are not at all welcomed by any.

In today’s world, there are many things which are available for us all which can help us maintain our beauty and youth for longer. There are cosmetic rectification surgeries and remedies which are very helpful in giving back our youthful features. Most beauty correction methods and ways are easily available and not so expensive either. For instance, laser hair removal method is a very popular cosmetic remedy for removing hair permanently from any part of our body using the laser rays. It can help remove the unwanted hair from any part of the body, be it the facial hair or the underarms or the hands or the legs, it can safely and effectively remove hair and stop it from coming back after a few sessions.

Signs of ageing

There are various signs of ageing which people might face and the most common ones are the wrinkles on your skin and fine lines on your face. The skin becomes dull and has creases which undoubtedly speak about the ageing process. When one starts ageing, wrinkle skin is the first thing they face. The skin loses its elasticity and the charm is almost fading. It is lose and dull looking. The colour of the skin too starts looking pale, dry and dull. Lines start appearing all over the face. These signs are really depressing; however with the advancement of technology and science, one can fight them. Anti wrinkle injections by Unique Laser and fillers are popular remedy for these problems.


Dermal fillers are very popular with women above the age of 40. These fillers are used to fill in the lost collagen in the skin. This is done using injections. They are not at all messy and are a safe process. It is done from time to time in order to provide the lost elasticity back to the skin. There are no specific side effects of using this method. These collagen fillers are every effective and safe and last for about 7 to 8 years which is quite a long time. Therefore it is worthy of the time and money.

How To Stay Young Looking And Energetic

You might have seen people who look extremely young despite their age. There are also people who look older than their age. It is the aspiration of everyone to stay young looking. But unfortunately everyone is subjected to the universal truth of death and decay. Nevertheless you can always stay young at heart. The word ‘young’ connotes good health, happiness, energy, innovativeness and being care free, but all of which are gradually lost when a person gets old. Although you cannot help being old you can slow down looking old. Following will guide you on how to stay young looking and energetic.

Thinking pattern

Your thinking pattern is very important in determining how young you can be. A stress free and happy mentality is the key to lead a successful life. If you are unnecessarily stressed and unhappy you will become old very soon. Your body responds to your mental state and if you are unhappy you face will start to get wrinkles sooner. If you are stressed your hair will start to fall very soon. When you have a poor mental state you will lessen the amount of care you need to assign for yourself and the moment you do that your will start being sick, weak and divested. Your attitudes and level of understanding are very relevant in molding your line of thinking. You need to have that attitude and understanding that the life given to you is not permanent and that what you do each minute is important.

Maintenance of the appearance

Being young and energetic involves having a pleasant appearance as well. Maintenance of your skin, nails, hair, teeth, and figure is important if you want to remain young looking. There are various beauty treatments available at beauty parlors which can make you look young.

Skin tightening treatments, facials, hair transplantation are some methods you can follow in order to gain a younger and beautiful look. You do not have to necessarily go to beauty parlors if you maintain your body in a careful manner. If you give sufficient care and nutrition to your body it will not get decayed soon.

Healthy body

Being young connotes being healthy as well. You body must be in a healthy state if you want to be energetic as well. The food and the exercises are two main factors that can help you to stay healthy. A nutritious balanced diet is very important in this regard. Food such as carrots, tomatoes, eggs and chocolate are proved to be some anti aging food when taken in correct amounts. You also need to engage in a sport or exercises every day in order to avoid sicknesses such as diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol and obesity.

How To Get Ready For A Party

If you have ever run late for a party, you know the pain of having to walk into a room full of people who’s gaze will shift from one thing to you as soon as you walk in through the door and not to mention the advices and talks you will have to receive from your friends and family for getting late for the party.

When you always run late for parties, you know something is wrong with your planning and scheduling so it is time to re-evaluate the amount of time you spend getting ready which is why we have put together a list of steps that you could follow in order to make the process of getting ready so much more easily. 

Various appointments prior to the event

If you want to look like a Victoria’s secret model with fully blown out hair with much volume, you can place an appointment at your favorite salon on the same day because blow outs don’t last a long time if it is humid outside. You can even get your make up done while you are at the great salon but if you would doing it by yourself, go home and prepare to put on your makeup.

If you have other needs whether it is to get a reliable gel manicure or a haircut, you can make the most of your time at the salon and ask them to do it for you.

When you are done getting your gel manicure, hair cut or any other things, move onto the next step.

Draw yourself a relaxing bath

This step is the best one as of yet because during this time, you get to relax and have a bit of a pamper session by yourself. If you feel that you would not have enough time to squeeze in a relaxing bath with the amount of time you have on your hands to get ready, I would highly advice against a relaxing bath but if you do have time, grab your favorite bath bomb and your favorite bubble bath liquids and enjoy some quiet and peach before the chaos.

Get dressed

One quick tip would be to lay out your outfit the night before so that you can quickly throw it on and hurry to your location. Women have to spend so much time getting ready but once you have picked out an outfit and all your friends have approved of it on your group chat, you can pair our outfit with your favorite pair of shoes and hurry off to your party.

Choosing That Breath Taking Beach Wear For Your Stroll On The Beach

Looking good and maintaining a good figure is every girl’s dream. Some females starve themselves because they want to have that hour glass figure and wear some eye catching beach wear when strolling on the beach. The figure you maintain is very noticeable when you wear beach wear and figure hugging clothes. But for some of us hiding our figure behind bulging clothes has always being a satisfying decision.
Hour glass figure
For those of you who like to show off your hour glass figures in public, there is one important thing to remember. When wearing beach wear keep in mind that you need to shave your legs well, because maintaining an hour glass figure is of no use if you haven’t shaved your legs well. Your ingrown hair bikini line will also show when you wear that attractive beach wear and the whole point of that outfit would be forgotten.
Following strict diets
Nobody said that maintaining your figure is an easy thing to do. From morning till night you have to follow strict diets and stick to your strict rules. But apart from the strict diet rules you have to take care of your skin and shave your hands as well.  Remember that your hands are more noticeable than your legs and will need professional shaving prior to getting into that beach wear. The ingrown hair serum will also show if you haven’ shaved properly. The type of beach wear that you are looking for could be found online at Legole and with not much effort. The beach wear you seek should be available online because the internet has become not only a knowledge seeker but also a hub of knowledge in any type of area. Be it shopping, educational or even as an entertainment the internet is used around the world by many people.
Purchasing online and on time

Purchasing that beach wear online can be a painstaking operation if you haven’t found the proper company that sells such clothes. So instead of relying on the internet for all your clothes get in touch with some of your friends who can help you in picking that attractive beach wear or better still get in touch with the professionals who can help you pick that ideal beach wear that will suit your figure and your budget. When purchasing beach wear also keep in mind that the price is not the most important thing. Your beach wear has to be to your satisfaction at all times.   

4 Important Things You Should Know To Become a Hair Stylist!


Doing hair style at your home is just similar to doing it in a salon, except when you are mobile. It apparently means you need to be sure you have almost everything on hand as you would have in a salon. It includes hair clips, towels, hair dryers, flat iron, curling iron, curlers, combs, brushes and other important things. You never know that what you might need and it would be unprofessional and possibly it may even ruin the special day of a bride if you miss on something important to give a finished look to her hair.
Reliable and spacious transportation is important
You need transportation that is not just reliable but is even adequate to carry your supplies. Certainly a minivan is considered to be perfect for such purpose or a car having a huge trunk. You might do much traveling and so the car should be reliable as you cannot take any chance to let down the bride, and losing your valuable customer and your money. However, you should also make sure that you have sufficient room to fit all that you need.
Proper equipment and products
Not only you need proper equipment, but at the same time, you will even need products to get a good result. This means you need to ensure you have adequate shampoo, gels, hair sprays and hair rinse. However, you’ll even wish to be certain you have the suitable and appropriate products for doing perms and also for coloring hair. Even if it is the special day for a bride, that doesn’t mean that she do not need to retouch her hair color or completely new color. You need to ensure that it is her day and wedding hair and make up in Melbourne should be perfect, so you should have everything ready on hand that she possibly desire.
Makeup touch
Since many brides prefer to do their makeup also, you should ensure that you have different types of beauty products available on hand. For a perfect makeup, you will need palettes for various skin types, different skin tones, and diverse preferences. The available makeup options should be adequate to prepare the face of a bride into a perfect and soft look, an intense look or whatsoever the bride requires for that special day. Makeup Melbourne provides the best mobile hair and make up services.
Add some bridal hair accessories
Bridal hair generally has some additional accessories in it. Definitely, not every bride wears a veil but some of them do that, so she need something special to get added to her hair style. This means you should have adequate bridal pins and required combs to keep bridal hair in proper place. Probably you may not know precisely everything that you will need, so it is better to have a sufficient collection of styles and colors in accessories as you never know what bride will prefer to use.

4 Factors to Consider before Choosing Hair Treatment Solutions


Are you someone who’s constantly worried about how you look? Do you have a friend who frequently goes to the washroom to correct their hairstyle? These are some of the common situations when people are concerned regarding their appeal. As a fact, they try out various methods to look beautiful and be flawless. There are some who are concerned about skin more than the hair, while others think otherwise. What are you more worried about? Is it having beautiful skin or silky and shiny looking mane?

If you’re answer is hair then perhaps, you wouldn’t disagree that you’ve tried various products to get desired effects. However, maybe these treatment solutions failed or didn’t give enough of effects. There are a number of reasons that you might have not paid heed to, when you tried the products. Therefore, it’s important for you to be cautious and understand certain important factors before choosing any product:

1. What kind of hair problem are you facing?

If you want the hair loss treatment solution to work, firstly, identify what your problem is. That is, you might be experiencing hair fall, split ends, scanty hair and many more. If you are having a mix of these problems, it’s recommended to meet a hair clinic. If it’s not a serious problem, then you could try out various products available in the market.

2. Do you know, which product is correct for the problem?

After you’ve identified the problem you are facing, it would be easy for you to narrow it to products used to treat that problem. However, yet again, you might be confused about the various brands and products sold in the market. Hence, thoroughly examine, which products are suitable to treat your problem. For more information you could visit a professional and inquire about the best remedies.

3. Are these products harmful?

Always remember that simply looking for a hair loss treatment solution is not the end of it. You need to research and inquire about the products. Compare with other various products and look at the benefits and risks of using it. Read the contents of the product to identify if you have allergies to any substance of the content.

4. Do you use the products consistently?

Once, you’ve examined these points and purchased the product, you should use it on a frequent basis. You cannot expect the treatment to show its effects after applying or taking in (medication) 1 – 3 times. Read the label carefully regarding instructions, method of application, etc.

You would have realized that you had not given attention to some of these factors. However, now you might be able to identify why the product didn’t give desired results. Hence, the next time you visit a store to purchase any solution, keep these pointers in mind.

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

Are you tired of shopping?

Shopping online or finding services online can make life a lot easier than going shopping to the mall or the local department store. Shopping can be tedious and another chore on the long list of chores we have to complete for a day. You will have to go from one shop to another, looking for the articles you wish to purchase. All the walking about can leave your feet aching for days. You will then have to lug all the bags from one shop to another till you finish you’re shopping. If you have children in tow, it can get harder as you will have to keep an eye on them as well as pacify them when they start whining about how their little legs hurt or that they need to get something to drink. All this can be solved by shopping online.

Shop from the comfort of your home

You can shop for a wide range of goods and products online from the comfort of your home without having to take even one step out of the home. From groceries to hair extensions to garden tools, you can find all you need and more online. You will not have to go from one shop to the other, as you can simply key in the words and find all you need on one computer screen. Regarding the hair extensions, if you really want to achieve the best then look for a best hairdresser that will do it. Click this link https://www.solacehair.sydney/ for more information regarding the best hairdresser in Sydney CBD.

Further, you can also get an idea about the quality of the goods and services online by reading the reviews and comments of other customers who have used those goods and services previously. Therefore, if you want to check of the hair extensions are durable or if the phone you want to buy is authentic, you can simply read the reviews and gather information.

Start enjoying online shopping

Moreover, you have a wide choice when you shop online. You can access goods and services from a wide range of shops and stores across the country and from abroad. You can compare and contrast prices and specifications, before you settle for one that fits your needs and your budget. You will not have to go through the hassle of visiting many shops in order to find what you need. You can kiss goodbye to aching feet and thirsty throats. Further, you can even make the payments online as well as get the goods delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, you can save the trouble of having to carry heavy shopping bags as you shop from one place to another. Therefore, if you have not tried shopping online yet, you have to start immediately. Start enjoying the benefits of shopping online and you will not want to stop!

Pampering And Distressing Oneself, The Importance

Today, people are living in a world full of stress. And sometimes they wish to escape it, even for short time. The urgent need and feel to get away is increasing day by day especially within the urban young generation. Many people today, use the spa for relaxation and distressing themselves.

The spa allows you to unwind the stress, and feel fresh. It not only allows you to feel but also look fresh too. The day spa in Penrith is seen by many as a blessing, a place that helps you to relax, reflect, refresh, beautify and detox yourself. This spa help pamper you.
Today spas are not only for relaxation but also a time spent in a health spa an assist you in softer skin to better health benefits. Spas help improves a person health and help enjoy the lavishness of the spa. Day spas also provide facials, massage, body treatment and sea salt scrubs to muddy wraps. These spas are different from resort spas or destination spas, where you spend a night. The spa place is very quiet with a serene atmosphere and beautiful surrounding making you comfortable and able to completely relax. Health spas have become a pleasurable and enjoyable activity for many people.

These health spas have the healing power of touch therapy. Spas and this ancient time explained power of touch are naturally interconnected. This therapy help smooth the muscles stretched, tensed or knotted. It is very important to feel relax for your health and wellbeing not just the only relaxing the state of mind. Relax and distressed helps decrease serious health issues.

Having bad skin problems arises for many reasons such as lack of sleep, poor diet or even stress. But now people need not worry about skin problems. A spa treatment can help reduce or remove the skin problem. This treatment can be laser treatment or face masks such as cucumber or chocolate masks.

In a spa doing a therapeutic massage gives the body to relax and rest while fixing these muscles back to health. These massages can help improve blood circulation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system that helps getting rid of waste bodily products. Many athletes prefer this massage to help relax their body and find ease and relief in muscle cramp or tension. People with chronic conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasms and sciatica who need help with pain management prefer to do this massage therapy. Many spas also have a pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and saunas too. These spas help the people to completely de stress and relax their body, mind and soul

6 Tips On How To Market Your Massage Center

You must be considering expanding your customer base and there are so many ways for you to go about doing this. It is very rare nowadays to see a firm that focuses on selling reflexology packages which are health conscious and affordable. Here are some ways for you to promote your center:

Send post cards You must send post cards to many customers as possible, make sure you send it out to people who are close by. It is important that the massage services are true to the card. If a client can stop at the center after work then it will be ideal but it depends on where your parlor is. You must try to distribute these posters to places close to the clinic. You can even get bulk mailing done so that you can send it out to many neighborhoods at once.

Consider an open house If you host an open house it is easy for you make more customers. You can make a flyer and distribute it around the community billboards, libraries and even fitness centers. You must try and list the center on online event sites too. You can also encourage people to mingle while enjoying the food and drinks available. You can even get some trainees to perform some massages on the customers too.

Start a loyalty programThe best way to draw customers for your business is to start a loyalty program. Customers will be dying to try out your facilities then! You must understand that people like therapists who offer discounts so make sure you advertise as much as possible on the net too. Always maintain the standard of your massage services too! You can also check this day spa in Paddington.

Offer packages Clients love affordable packages that does not affect their budget. If they can get many facilities at once for a price the more enthusiastic they will be. You must also consider joining forces with a spa or salon to offer more facilities to your client.

Take appointments on the net It is important that you take appointments via mail too. You will also be off call duty too. Customers will be able to schedule an appointment easily. It will also make your business well known on the internet too.

Start a blog It is very important for you to start a blog on the net. You can mention homeopathic treatments, dietary ideas and other stretching exercises. If you have a blog which focuses on health, wellness and massage tactics it will boost your site’s search results which will state you as a professional in the field of spa facilities.

Remember to make sure that you consider these tips while you are marketing your parlor!

How to Change Your Look?


Sometimes, we all need to stray a little from the norm and here are a few tips that will help you do exactly that. The main reason you must be thinking of switching up your look is probably because you too have felt that you needed to spice things up and shake it up a little.

Anything from hair stylist courses in Melbourne to makeup videos on YouTube will help you achieve the change you’re looking for.

Most of the hair stylist courses in Melbourne or make up workshops will not cost you a lot of money so it is something definitely worth trying.

The wonders of makeup

If you’re a regular makeup wearer or even if you are not, there are many ways that you could use makeup to change up your look.

If you’ve never worn makeup before then I suggest you buy a bunch of products after some careful consideration and testing. The next step then would be to start experimenting, you can get help from people you know or you can look up makeup videos on the internet where they provide you with step by step instructions to a complete make up look. The first and basic things when it comes to make up is foundation and concealer, they cover up all acne scars and pimples on your face. If you do not have much to cover up on your face then ditch the concealer and go for a little bit more natural and fresh look. The other essential elements in completing your make up look are eye makeup, blush and lip color. Eye makeup can really change up ones look because the application of eyeliner and mascara will brighten and widen up your eyes to give you a youthful look and even the use of blush and a nice lip color will help you change your appearance. Get to know how you can achieve a good look through hairstyling, feel free to check this out

If you’re a regular makeup wearer, you could try different makeup looks with different colors of eyeliner and eye shadow and such.

Spruce up your style

The key to picking an outfit that will help you stand out is to consider your body shape when buying clothes because all clothes do not look flattering on different body types. If you’re supermodel thin then you can most likely pull off tighter clothes and not look like a coca cola bottle. If you’re on the curvier side, blacks and darker colors will be your best friend and also never ever make the mistake f wearing horizontal stripes as they will give an illusion of a wider body so replace your horizontal stripes with vertical stripes.

But no matter, you’re your toughest critique so you would know what you look good in and what you don’t look good in and also don’t be afraid to throw in a few summery bright colored tops instead of always wearing darker colors.